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  • 3-吸引管(浅蓝色接头)

Suction Connecting Tube


Connecting tubes with yankauer handle for surgery use. suction of the body fluid in combination with aspirator during operation on thoracic cavity or abdominal cavity. also be used for obstetrics and gynecology & the wound cleaning etc.

* Made of medical grade non-toxic PVC
* Anti-kinking tube to avoid blocking under high pressure
* Color of tube bodys: Light blue & transparent or as per customer required
* Length of tube body: 180cm-600cm as per customer required
* Surface of tube body: Smooth or with ridged Lines as per customer request
* Connector: Five-type for choice
* Color of connector: Blue & green etc. as per customer required
* Radiopaque line (X-ray visualization) as per customer request
* Peelable pouch packing
* Sterilized (EO GAS)
* Specifications as below
   - Dia.Φ3/16" (Length of tubes body as per customer required)
   - Dia.Φ1/4"   (Length of tubes body as per customer required)
   - Dia.Φ9/32" (Length of tubes body as per customer required)
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