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  • 吸痰管
  • 大头吸痰管

Suction Catheter


Surgical  Disposable Suction Catheter With CE & ISO


* Made of non-toxic PVC
* DEHP free available
* Effective length: 50cm-55cm available
* Translucence(Frosted surface) or Transparent available
* Appropriate degree of hardness provides kink resistance
* Slippery surface for easy through endotracheal tube and tracheostomy tube
* Atraumatic rounded open tip or closed tip as per reques
* Two lateral eyes,Smooth edges

* Easy operation, non-irritating
* With graduated marks available
* Radiopaque line (X Ray) as per reques

* Four kind of connector available: Y-type, T-type, Funnel type, Finger type
* Colour coded connector for size identification
* Single use, Latex free

* With or without glove as per reques

* Blister packing or peelable pouch as per reques

* Sterilized(EO GAS)

* Specifications: Fr5-Fr22

* Size            Color Code
    Fr5              Grey
    Fr6              Light Green
    Fr8              Blue
    Fr10            Black
    Fr12            White
    Fr14            Green
    Fr16            Orange
    Fr18            Red
    Fr20            Yellow
    Fr22            Violet

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