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Endotracheal Tube With Suction Lumen


This product can do continuous suciton of subglottic secretions, reducing the clinical effect of exogenous infection and sedimentary incidence of pneumonia. Integral suction lumen can help avoid hurting vocal cord compared with ordinary suction catheter. Ordinary suciton catheter has to run through the glottis and trache, which will lead to visible injury on glottis and trache, and may result in bleeding and aphasia for serious situation


* Made of non-toxic medical grade PVC

* DEHP FREE available

* High volume low pressure cuff and Low profile cuff available

* High transparency and surface smooth

* Radiopaque line (X-ray visualization)

* Atraumatic rounded tip(Bevelled tip)

* Atraumatic murphy eyes(Softly rounded)

* Accurate positioning depth marks

* Standard connector

* Latex free, Single use

* Blister packing(banana packing) or peelable pouch as per reques

* Sterilized(EO GAS)

* Specifications: ID(mm)4.0-10.0

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